Hi, my name is Cecilie Conrad.

I help people to focus on what is truly important in their lives.

Welcome to my blog.

I'm a cancer-survivor, mom to four, who have been unschooling for +10 years. By education I am a trained psychologist who has also navigated the challenges of being a single parent. 

Through my own experiences, I've learned the importance of shifting old beliefs and behaviors so that we can focus on what truly matters in life. For me, this has meant embracing a different way of living than the standard path set before us. Together with my husband and children I have taken things even further - we have been fulltime traveling family for +5 years.

I am an advocate for self directed learning. And I live what I teach. We have been through all the doubts and questions you go through when choosing to live a live outside the box.

I use my expertise as a psychologist and my experience as a mom of four to help others make lasting, durable changes in their own lives.

Through tailored coaching, consulting, and mentorship, I work with individuals to help them break free from toxic patterns and beliefs, and embrace a more fulfilling and meaningful way of living. So if you're ready to make tangible changes and start enjoying life to the fullest, I'm here to help.

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True Nomad Communications
Julia W - Berlin, Germany

“The coaching was exactly what I needed. I felt a super high level of professional and knowledge. I am back on track and trust my feelings! Thanks so much!”

Berlin, Germany

True Nomad Communications
Cathrine Legardh - Denmark

“Cecilie possesses an exceptional presence and a spectacular ability to see me clearly. She is one of the most ‘relevant’ and life-wise people I have met in the field of children.”