2024 Journal by Cecilie Conrad

The continuation of my 2023 challenge of sharing a little story every day about our travels and our radical unschooling lifestyle continues in 2024; welcome to snippets, stories, thoughts and rarities from our nomadic reality. 


Will it Ever be Enough?

When we arrived to the big house at Baja, we had to kick ourselves hard to remember how great this is - even when the temperatures are about 10 degrees Celcius colder than we aimed for, and the house is impossible to heat.

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January 1 IMG_5838

First Transit of the Year

We were excited about going to the next place. As always, of course, but this time, we would finally meet again with friends from the castle experience last year and our second Camino. Plus we were planning to live in the same place for six weeks. Right on the beach. Yay.

Everything worked out nicely, even though many feelings are in play at the moment, and we have to handle that, too (it is growth, and it is not always easy). Erik took the challenge of cooking whatever was left so we would all…

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Evaluation Mood - a New Year State of Mind

Do you also want to evaluate at the edge of the new year? I want the statistics: How many museums, how many cities, how many beach days, where did we go, how did it unfold? What do we want to change, and how can we do it? What is the better plan, based on the things we learned?

This kind of evaluation goes through my mind, while the new year unfolds in the celebration on the last night of the year and the humble beginning on the first day.

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