Hi there - My name is Cecilie Conrad

I am a cancer-surviving psychologist, former single-parent; unschooling advocate, co-sleeping, yogi, gluten-free, primarily plant-eating; happily married, stay-at-home, organic barefooted hippie and mother of four, who travels full time with my family. I love earning languages, counseling, and enjoying sunsets.

I blog about our life and travels.

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Cecilie Conrad


A life of change

Things are always changing in our family. We have our habits and routines, but things always change. The children develop, the seasons change, phases flip and take over one after another. Every single insight into our family – how we do things at our place – is a snapshot of one of the many possibilities in life.

So you may find articles from the past which in no way describe where we are at now. It’s the most excellent way to live. To develop yourself, learn something new and become smarter while all the time living in golden moments.

Even though we today don’t eat gluten or watch TV or spend hours on the iPad, I’ve decided to leave the articles where they are to inspire and bring joy to anyone wishing to read them.

Be the change

I am a woman who stands with her own convictions. I live with my own opinions. I listen to my gut instincts and trust them. Einstein wisely said: ”The intuitive mind is the sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.” I believe it. I don’t believe much in politics or controversy, gossip or principles. I believe in living life in each moment, each day, in reality. I am a child of the seventies and have carried “Be the change…” for most of my life.

I blog because I want to share the changes and … and because I have discovered a rising and sincere interest in our family from all angles. Also, because I believe it is difficult to be family in Denmark today. The good life is threatened for both children and adults and the conversations floating around the subject are only making it worse. That’s why I write. To give light to the darkness and to do it in high spirits.

More concrete and secular: I am a Copenhagener since 1975, graduated from Copenhagen’s University, specializing in Family Dynamics. I was a single mother (by choice but unplanned) in Nørrebro for five years before I met my dream prince (he is actually my first love). So, I became Mrs in Valby. We had two more children, and he adopted my fatherless daughter right before I got Leukemia, which thanks God and eternal glory, I survived. Then we received a true miracle: one more child. Our oldest was born in 1999, the youngest in 2012. We have two boys and two girls.

On the blog you can read about cosleeping, slings, the children’s freedom and rights; about the adults responsibility, language, conversations, and language development; about the radicle choice: the home school and how you organize a life full of joy, time, and enthusiasm as a house Mum in a big house. You can read about modern women’s fight, particularly sensitive children (HSP) and adults. Also, about particular diets and ordinary food, vegetarian food, quick food, and food in the garden (because recipes fun to play with after you have read something thought-provoking).

There are many, many articles about life with children –which I don’t call or experience as upbringing– and how you can live the good life together while helping your children to begin life at the same time. You can read about breastfeeding, breastfeeding past twelve months, how to teach your children to read in an undramatic way, yoga for children, “the social” and much more.
All articles are spiced with pictures and stories from my own family. We don’t have any secrets.

These years we are traveling full time around Europe. We travel with a go get attitude and seize the moments that are present.

Personal and wholehearted advice

I really like to answer questions, and this often leads to new stories and articles on my blog, because they are sincere and authentic questions: real wonder, research, and interest. At times it is a chance for personal sparring, and I like that, via mail, on Facebook, on the blog, telephone, and walk and talk (but I think it works best over coffee). If there is a need for help, I offer a modest price for my time and expertise. It is always difficult to do, but as a psychologist, I also need to earn money. I would love to do it voluntarily and spontaneously, but that´s the game. Write to me and ask a bunch of questions, if it sounds like work, I just say it, quietly.

God fornøjelse.


Cecilie Conrad