Cecilie possesses an exceptional presence and a spectacular ability to see me clearly.

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Mille Weng - UniqueFamilyliving.com

“I want to extend my warmest recommendations for Cecilie. You don't need to spend much time talking to Cecilie to sense her deep commitment, presence, and authenticity. She is an incredibly inspiring and caring person. Thanks a lot for the guidance.”


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Cathrine Legardh - Denmark

“Cecilie possesses an exceptional presence and a spectacular ability to see me clearly. She is one of the most ‘relevant’ and life-wise people I have met in the field of children.”


True Nomad Communications
Julia W - Berlin, Germany

“The coaching was exactly what I needed. I felt a super high level of professional and knowledge. I am back on track and trust my feelings! Thanks so much!”

Berlin, Germany

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Maj My Midtgaard Humaidan - Has received homeschooling coaching

“Thank you for your time and your thoughts, which have already significantly moved the agenda here at home. I'm glad we found you.”

Has received homeschooling coaching

True Nomad Communications
Ema Werner Sec - Mother, blogger, free spirit

“Cecilie is my unschooling mentor. I love her wise woman's energy and can already feel that her support is making a significant difference in my approach to this different, revolutionary way of raising children.”

Mother, blogger, free spirit

I got my confidence back and my gut feeling back.

"In this life we encounter so many rules and pointed fingers, frameworks and systems - often put out by various authorities, which make it quite difficult to find out what is up and down.

Cecilie then just takes life: straightforward and delicious and looks at it from a completely different angle.

She writes, speaks, advises in a way that puts me in touch with an ancient knowledge, a primal force – a love deep inside.

And I become sure that life is really quite simple, that I know deep down which way I should go. Of course, life is not always simple, but Cecilie makes it simple anyway, removes all the noise and gives me back my confidence and gut feeling."

- Linda Maluka, has received personal coaching from Cecilie