First Transit of the Year

January 1 IMG_5838

We were excited about going to the next place. As always, of course, but this time, we would finally meet again with friends from the castle experience last year and our second Camino. Plus we were planning to live in the same place for six weeks. Right on the beach. Yay.

Everything worked out nicely, even though many feelings are in play at the moment, and we have to handle that, too (it is growth, and it is not always easy). Erik took the challenge of cooking whatever was left so we would all eat before going, and he made a lovely meal. We sat down for half an hour before check out, which was perfect, and after my first bite, the car arrived so we could get going.

And off we went. Goodbye Tijuana, weird Tijuana, reminding us so much of Calais: The same border vibe, the feel of people used to the crazy border situation, and other people eager to cross that line.

We would never have visited Tijuana had we not been perpetual travelers, but we all agreed it had been a special experience, and we did not want to be without it. That fence!

The rest is history. Driving to Ensenada, we stopped to do some shopping (art supplies, contact lenses) in a street offering a lot of sexual services, tattoos, and the kind of entertainment we do not want - seemingly ordinary for the place, or what was going on?

We received the text our American friends had crossed the border and decided to wait for them by Costco to do basic shopping, which was, TBH, a nightmare. Still, it was very nice to see our friends again, and also nice to arrive, cook a meal, share it, and go to bed in a cold, cold cold house with a very nice view.

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