Will it Ever be Enough?


When we arrived in Mexico, we came to Cancun and moved on right away to Playa del Carmen to hang out for a month. Upon arrival, we spent the first 3/5 days feeling this was the wrong place. This will never work; we don't want to be here, and so forth.

With the house at the Lengueta, a sandy thing, a very small peninsula coming out from the coast right next to a National park, and the crazy Ensenada, it was the same thing. The first problem was it was freezing cold, and the second was the amount of broken stuff, leaving us with basic needs that were not easy to meet.

It did not help, and the first day was colder: lower temperatures than normal for the time of year and rain on the horizon.

This is a luxury problem. But they did need to be solved.


First, the mood:

My morning run in the sunrise was more beautiful than the pictures can share, but maybe you can imagine. It was amazing.

Next: Practical stuff - we spent the entire day shopping for warm clothes, kitchenware, blankets, and firewood. I was not smart enough to eat beforehand, so my mental state was destroyed by the combination of low blood sugar and my distaste for shopping.

At the end of the day, we arrived at sharing a meal and sitting by the fire one step closer to a functional life in the new location, and with the weather forecast promising sunshine the coming day.

But also with the knowledge rain will leave lots of water inside the house and that it will take forever to heat it with the two fireplaces.

January 3rd 2024, La Lengüeta Arenosa, Baja California, Mexico



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