Co-living with freedom people | Day 106 of my 2023 Journal


I am grateful for this opportunity to spend several weeks with like-minded people. People with whom I share the lifestyle of traveling. I am especially grateful my children get to spend time with other children who travel full time and, for a while, not be the odd ones.

The chateau has created an excellent environment for co-living. All facilities work perfectly, the surrounding nature is peaceful, and the group seems to get along beautifully.


The change from what we usually do is enormous. Usually, we get up in the morning and look at each other and each other's needs, and decide what to do with the day. In this context of many families, we have to feel our way into the day differently. The day plan is fluid. The only plan for the month is to socialize.

So, we talk in the sun. We play games. We'll speak in the evening. We share meals. We talk some more.


One thing I find interesting is the fact many of the participants express the same feeling: This is wonderful for a month but would feel completely different if it was for good, and I would never sign up for this as a permanent, not even semi-permanent lifestyle.

We are freedom people. Maybe the need for personal freedom came with the anarchy gene I inherited from my mother. I feel strangulated in many contexts that offer some constraints on my space, and as happy as I am to spend this month in this beautiful place with these amazing people, I am sure I would suffocate if I felt I had to coordinate with such a large group permanently.


The beauty is we all agree on this point. We are all freedom people. This makes it all very easy. We are probably all grateful to spend time together fighting off similar demons while living in a large group for a while.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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