Climbing in Caen | Day 116 of my 2023 Journal


We went to Caen to climb with the other families, and it was a wonderful climbing facility.

We have not done climbing before, as only one of us is really into physical challenges, and I am so grateful for this context in which we did it as the teenagers here are the sweetest and most caring beings. They kindly showed my son around and taught him how to get started.

In this group, no one is showing off. No one is trying to rise by stepping on others or harming others. It is all kindness and respect.

I sat for a good 3 hours, having lovely conversations and enjoying the sight of these kids. My teenagers had left the building to go for a walk with another part of the group.

It is strange for me to visit a city and not go for the cathedral, the monuments, the street art. But I like how this experience challenged our “normal,” and I am grateful we went climbing.

When a large group arrived, we left as it felt crowded. I love how living based in the van equals having our house with us all the time. We left and made a brown rice salad, did some second-hand shop shopping, and went for a short and fast walk before we drove back to the castle.

To be challenged into a comfort zone is a very healthy thing.

When we do things we would normally not do, we discover new elements of our vulnerability and sometimes new strengths.

Even in our lifestyle, we seem to fall into habits, and though they might be good, it is always healthy to challenge them, to stop and think about them, to learn new ways, and get new ideas.

The coloring castle experience of coordinating with so many other families really is challenging, all in the best of ways.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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