Dinner at Åmarksgård | Day 144 of my 2023 Journal


To share a meal with loved ones is a beautiful thing. At Åmarksgård, we sat down at the table many times after enjoying cooking together in Bjørns' humble and beautiful kitchen. We are a bunch of food nerds; Bjørn is a professional one, so cooking, shopping for food elements, discussing cooking styles and gear, and watching YouTube videos from all over the world in all kinds of languages to learn little things and big traditions take center stage in this house.

In different formations of teams, we cook lovely meals and sit down in the sunset to share them. We laugh a lot, share stories, and hold each other when needed. It is a great place on the planet.

We have sat down many times around this table and are grateful to have these wonderful friends in our life. Always the perfect balance between learning, growing, enjoying, and simply being.

(NB there is not much to say about this day as I already said it when I talked about me-time)

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

# 144 of my 2023 writing challenge - Read them all here 

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