Live Learn Love | Day 164 of my 2023 Journal

live learn love

Returning to the theme of gaming, the VR computers have been a great thing. Both fathers in the house have been playing, as have the children. Even I did it.

We bought a Beat Saber music pack with Queen and had a lot of fun.

On the other hand, I have had interesting conversations with my brother-in-law about how hard it can sometimes be to put down the phone. How it is creeping into us, the addiction. The time between picking it up and getting a reward is just too short, and the effort is close to nothing.

It is clear to me we have to be nuanced with these things.

Thriving is a complex one. It might be our culture is overwhelming and not supporting true human balance, so the question is: What can we do about it?

I find computer technology, and maybe, even more, the internet, truly revolutionary and excellent.

Human nature, our flaws, and vulnerabilities will emerge in any context where we unfold, hence also in this reign. In many ways, it is just like religion. The need for spiritual life and the possible existence of God can not be negated nor ruled out as toxic due to the abuse of power done within the structure of religion.

In the same way, we should not rule out computer technology or the internet because of its downsides and possible harmful effects.

Instead, we have to be smarter cognitively and spiritually.

We can learn a lot from studying the seven deadly sins and looking for temptation in our own lives. If we take it in the bud (the giving in), we can walk pretty far and be safe from harm.

These days in Sweden are interesting in that respect as we are more people to discuss AND live the phenomena, partly because we take the time to do so.

Most of the day, by the way, was spent by the lake with a picnic, looking for small animals in the water, taking pictures of flowers, swimming, swinging, and talking.

Later on, we continued in the grass around the house, doing yoga, taking more pictures, playing table tennis, and playing with the dogs.

These are beautiful days.

We live, we learn, we love.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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