Synchronicity | Day 190 of my 2023 Journal


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The heat was building up all day; we had 34 degrees in the garden. The pool was a real blessing, as was the coolness of the basement. It was a day full of wonderful conversations, ping-pong games, swimming, and singing. In the afternoon, the tension and heat were overwhelming, and clouds assembled in the sky while we were yet another time in the pool. A few hours later, the winds picked up, pushing away the heat, and as darkness arrived, so did the heavy rainfall and the lightning. The temperature dropped by more than ten degrees, setting the scene completely different. 

It was beautiful. 

As we are on our way to the next chapter of the Summer Roadtrip, this change made me think about the concept of synchronicity. First introduced by Carl Gustav Jung as the non-causal relation between events, perceived by humans as nonetheless related, often symbolically pointing in some direction or underlining an element of life. 

The connection between our exit and the weather change would be perceived as non-existent and strange to even think about. Yet, Jung described these perceived synchronicities in human life as important and meaningful awareness of the subject towards essential life elements. 

To me, it is right down the same alley: Just as Janet said the day before: Everything matters! This attention to synchronicity makes it much easier to stay in the life flow where there is hardly any resistance, and everything unfolds perfectly. 

We had a beautiful final day in the garden, in the heat, not even knowing we would leave the next day, as we are always flexible, but when the winds came, and the rain cleared the energies, it seemed perfect to wake up and decide to move on. 

Not in any hurry, just unplugging and re-packing and finishing stuff, so we could move on. I just love how the Universe talks!

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

🇩🇰 Read in Danish 🇬🇧 

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