Moving on | Day 192 of my 2023 Journal

Moving On

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The core of the nomad lifestyle is to move on. Ever so often, when we go somewhere, we feel the time allocated for the place and the people are to restricted: We want to stay for months. We say that over and over: We could stay here for a month! Or two! I wonder when we will learn to trust the process fully.

Leaving Hagen and our friends and their garden after a week was the perfect timing.

We stayed balanced and close to our intuitive life flow, letting go of being attached to any specific timing - even leaving.

First, we thought we would leave Monday morning to meet our other friends in Bremen Monday afternoon. Then we thought we would ask the other friends to pick us up in Hagen. Then we thought we would leave Monday after lunch, but at that time, Doris was not home, and we would not leave without saying goodbye.

Before we knew it, the evening had arrived, our other friends from Denmark driving to meet us was still a five-hour drive away, and we slept another night under the apple trees. Tuesday morning, finally, we said our goodbyes and drove the 3 minutes to Janet's Airbnb to complete the goodbyes.

As it were, in the flow, we had a good long conversation and went out for lunch, had amazing white wine and lovely salad, and sat in the shade to share stories and love. It is not sad to say goodbye; it is wonderful to feel love and the intention to spend more time together.

To nomad is to move on when the time is right, and it is the perfect learning environment to learn to trust the process, learn to listen to our emotions as well as all of the signs of the Universe, and balance life flow.

Our friends from Denmark, with who we will spend the coming week, were moving on towards Bremen, and we spent the afternoon preparing, that is, shopping for food, drinking coffee, and driving up to Bremen.

We parked 20 minutes before our friends arrived - another example of perfect timing.

So, we went swimming in the lake, sat in the shade talking, cooked a lovely dinner, and shared a bottle of wine in the sunset.

It is a beautiful life.

The next adventure awaits, and we wouldn’t want it any different

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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🇩🇰 Read in Danish 🇬🇧 

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