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The police were out all evening checking the bunkers, looking at the seals, and politely sending their “bonjours” in our direction when walking by the van and the RV. So, even though we had just stopped alongside the road, we thought there would be no problem staying the night. I hope the police were there to protect the seals and the rest of the natural site. Maybe they were. Perhaps I have to gain a bit of trust in the authorities.

We slept in silence and woke up to cars and bikes arriving, a good amount of people enjoying a walk or a run, a good vibe, and a lot of smiling. And we joined the movement: Walked with morning coffee in hand all the way to the low tide to dip in the cool waters and again meet the seals. You have to be respectful, it is their territory, so we retreated when the guarding one became guarding five. And just like last year, we had to run to save our bags, as the tide was coming in fast, and we did not notice.

Moving through the day, we had to get practical things done and place the vehicles at the station for campers, watch a documentary, and go for a walk to look at Calais.

We might need to give Calais more time. On the other hand, there are so many other great places in France. I love the natural site, and the fries were very, very good in overwhelming portions (two portions filling all five of us!) - and walking along the waters in and out of town was equally lovely. Except for the heavy rainfall we got caught in on the way back.

But then there was a rainbow, and we hung all the wet things in many new creative spaces invented there and then in the van, and had tea and some avocado and stayed up very late as it was our last evening with Bjørn and Ina.

In the night, the rain came back, and I listened to it on the van's roof while grateful for this beautiful life and all elements of it, including getting caught in the rain with some friends in a not-so-interesting place in France.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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