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On Learn Nothing Day, the 24th of July, I learned there is something called ODD. I also learned a lot about unschooling, good judgment, and how the word “never” never applies (haha).

I learned there are roadsigns in this area with a sort of logo plus the wording “obtain wisdom,” which is kind of fun! On top, I learned how to record my second podcast and how to handle not knowing how to begin a podcast conversation. Probably a few more things I did not even notice.

We are living with two of my girlfriends and their families this week.

Sarah Beale and her family share a house (for a while) with Luna Maj Vestergaard and her two youngest children, plus a dog pr family. It is quite the scene. The women talking non-stop, the boys (except my oldest son) sharing a perfect gaming room, the teenage girls doing their things balancing beautifully, Storm constantly reading, a lot of cooking, the guys working and talking, a lot of walking, bike riding, playing.

We keep the dogs separated; doors need to be shut to keep everyone safe and sane; we share food, share thoughts, share vibes, share laughs, share experiences, share bathrooms, share adapter-plugs, share ideas.

It is lovely. And overwhelming. Even my hypersocial self can get overloaded. So I hold on to my One Thing, sit in meditation, and go to the blissful place inside, where I can recharge all batteries softly and efficiently.

On Learn Nothing Day, 24th of July, I launched my podcast, which I am doing with 3 Ladies, two in this house in The Midlands and one in Tenerife. They are all three travelers and unschoolers, and we are all friends. We had nonstop conversations on all the areas of our world and how it touched upon our radical lifestyle, and we decided to record some of them.

On Learn Nothing Day, we did the double power of releasing the first AND recording the second, so that day became all about discussing unschooling.

Will it ever stop? The need to talk about it? The learning journey it puts us on?

All the things we thought we understood that needed testing in real life, all the things we thought we would never do or always do as parents before Real Life arrived and taught us nuances, layers of meaning, indoctrination, habit, and/or fear to be peeled off and dissected? Probably not.

This is why I am happy to share the podcast and the same reason I am overwhelmed these days. There is a lot going on once you start thinking about it: Press your nails to the surface, and so much comes off that you need a bath!

I am privileged to have these wonderful friends, and I am happy to share their beautiful insights in the form of a podcast.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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🇩🇰 Read in Danish 🇬🇧 

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