The Coffee Conversations | Day 232 of my 2023 Journal


How lovely at a festival to have a nice coffee guy on site, serving the perfect espresso-based drink for less than three pounds. What a luxury to sit with a friend in the sun with my morning coffee, talking about everything and then nothing and then everything again.

So many of my friends are around!

Luna, I have known since my early years as a stay-at-home mom in Copenhagen, and she was the first Unschooler I met. Now, 12 years later, it is such an amazing thing we both became nomads roughly at the same time and keep bumping into each other here and there. She is a powerful and inspiring friend, and I am grateful to have her in my life.

Anna is my new friend. I recently met her in Normandie at the castle co-living we did in April and May. I love to hear her laugh; she has the most amazing happy laugh, and you listen to it a lot if you are around her. Plus, she has a great outlook on life; it is not all just about laughing - she is a great listening friend with a good perspective.

Sascha, I met for the first time at the Grenada 2019 Worldschooling event. But we met a year and eight months ago when we went to the Algarve coast to look for unschooling expats and teens, as we had heard there are many of them in the area.

That might very well be, but people who live in one place don’t tend to be very open to nomads; passing through for six weeks is not enough to make friends. At least it was not at the Algarve. But Sascha was parked in her van 15 minutes from our Airbnb, and we became instant besties. Since then, we have met many times for long and for short and again.

Sarah, I also met in Grenada but got to know much better in France this year, and we did not have coffee together at HEFF - maybe because we are doing the podcast and were both quite busy feeding our many children. But we did share a vegan Barbecue and talk in the sunset.

A coffee stand is a great place to pay 20 times the cost of a coffee and have a conversation worth 200 times the price of a hot beverage. I loved it. I hope the guy will return next year, just as we will.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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