We Need New Dreams | Day 277 of my 2023 Journal

day 277

We Need New Dreams!

The worst part is the books.

Parting with books is a complex story. A book holds value just because it is a book, and even giving it away can be hard. Here, in Spain, the only way for books in Danish is to give them to paper trash. This was a hard exercise.

And then again. Not so hard. I don’t want it. I don’t want the excess. I want the books I love and KNOW I will read again and all the others need to exit my life. Even if it is through a bin.

Clothes are easier for me, as I don’t care much about clothes. But I did have some lying around in boxes in the bus, ready for some day. Beautiful dresses I have worn and loved to wear. All of them are ready for my self-esteem when I have lost another 10 kilos. This time, it took me two tries. First, I let go of half, then I slept on it and realized I needed new dreams!

I might find that dress beautiful, and I might have kept it because I dream of feeling good wearing it. Yes. But really, It has been years, and now I still work on becoming the mean and lean me I feel best being, but I need new dreams. Even new dream dresses.

I dream about owning only the clothes I have in my backpack. I can live with a few woolen extras in the van for winter adventures that are scarce but do exist. I don’t WANT a closet full of clothes; I want very few pieces I like, and that is that.

The new dreams are forming slowly from our subconscious processes and our deliberate awake conversations while we let go of a great life we had so a new future can get ready for us.

This is really what is happening.

It is powerful.

And we are ready for the ride!

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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