Moonlit Musings: Embracing Serenity on the Caribbean Coast | Day 302 of my 2023 Journal


The trick of the moon.

It is the trick of the moon to keep us on track while rocking our boat, to decorate reality with mystery, to be a solid, physiological entity trapped in the laws of physics yet representing all that is transcendent, complicated, and of essence.

How does that even work?

On a day of homey everyday life, this one walk on the beach at the end of the day reminded us it is okay and fine, just as it has to be, to be calm and almost bored at Playa de Turismo. We did exactly what we came for: Solidified our morning exercise habits, cooked and shared a healthy meal, worked on our different projects, and studied our chosen subjects all day long until nothing could keep us from going for a walk.

Just to realize that walk would be at the Caribbean coast with the colors, the wind, the white sticky sand, and the huge birds: Pelicans, birds of prey, frigatebirds circling over us.

The timing was perfect for the waves, the sunset, and the full moon rising. The change of light is very different from around the Mediterranean. It is not La Hora de los Guapos* - Yet the sunset is still beautiful. I walked with the two teenage girls; my youngest enjoyed the waves with his dad, Storm was reading as always, and Kenia was probably enjoying the colors and the peace.

As we were walking back, we had given up on the moonrise, as the clouds had assembled on the horizon, and then it did it again, the moon. Emerging suddenly, beautifully, amazingly - a decoration on our lives so epic we all circle back to it over and over.

What is it with the moon? Mirroring the grandness of things, reminding us just a little beauty can light up an entire day, pushing us into the here and now of the special light, the clarity and mystery in a perfect combination. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

*La Hora de los Guapos = The hour of the beautiful - in the setting sun, where all people become beautiful :)

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