The Trouble of Transit and the Benefits of Values | Day 321 of my 2023 Journal


Embracing the Unconventional Path

I have to walk the talk again soon. I have to sit down to write my values and my why to spell out to myself why I do what I do.

What I do is, I admit it, quite radical, sometimes even illogical and strange. Off the beaten path. Off the narrow path. Off the idea of paths entirely!

Thank god I have my focus exercise somewhere to lean on when things become too much. We had looked forward to the transit from the tropical south of Mexico to see new horizons and embark on a more adventurous style of traveling in this new Country.

But we did not feel well rested; the month was somehow not long enough. It was a mixed feeling to leave, and the journey was not easy.
And the transit was not easy. Details on the blog.

The Complexities of Transit

We had to emergency-solve admin in the airport to bring our dogs on the flight; we had to push through situations of language culture and frustration. First, we had to buy health certificates, then push through the boarding pass counter while getting closer and closer to our plane leaving without us.

To be honest, I pretended not to understand the option of just slapping some cash at the table, as I had just spent close to all of my cash buying the papers. So, I had to push through the bureaucracy without the grease of money.

And then we had to fly with two dogs on heat who were restless and frustrated, making it a stressful adventure for all of us. We even had to lock the bags for the dogs with zip locks so we could only ease it for them in secret (as they only gave us two locks per cage, and there are three openings, we could do it anyway).

Finding Solace in Values During Transit

Hence the talk about why’s and values. Going through the stress of a day like this it helps a lot to know WHY. It also helps to ignore everything else and meditate for 20 minutes on the plane.

It also helps to arrive at a friend picking us up at the airport, to a house ready to stay with like-minded people, to feel welcome and understood.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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