San Miguel de Allende - New places, New perspectives | Day 332 of my 2023 Journal


Even though I knew she was coming to pick us up with my new friend Christine, whom I had met only for five minutes in the street in front of the bowling hall in Querétaro and instantly liked, I was still somewhat baffled when she came to pick us up and drive us to San Miguel de Allende. We had an hour in the car to confirm the mutual feeling: This is my new friend, yay!

We exchanged stories, and Christine was a perfect host to share all the details of the city we were about to visit; before we knew it we were dropped off at a corner. Quick hug and goodbye as we were blocking traffic and found ourselves in the next chapter of our own story.

We instantly liked Sant Miguel de Allende, SMA. It is so beautiful here! The Airbnb was alright, all we needed, plus the perfect location in the center of the city. We installed ourselves, walked to the market to shop for lunch, had a lovely meal, and went for a walk to explore.

SMA has a very beautiful cathedral and cobblestone streets, lots of tourists and ex-pats, lots of street vendors, churches, and Christmas decorations. It feels lovely to be out there again at the adventure, exploring the world and maybe finding a new winter base.

We had heard SMA is full of wonderful people of our kind and a strong community of teenagers - so we are excited to see what this place has to offer. 

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Cecilie Conrad

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