A much needed pause from being tourists| Day 362 of my 2023 Journal


So, these days are a bit arbitrary. The van had to go back to La Paz 24 hours before we needed to be there, and in the end, we were traveling to Tijuana five days before we needed to be there because the plane tickets were half-price on that specific day.

Then what?

We are going places mainly because the logistics and budget make sense more than because the adventure awaits. It’s not very much our normal modus.

We canceled the plan to go out on the ocean to swim with the big fish because we are exhausted from being "the tourists with the dollars," paying and paying for everything we do - it is enough now; we need to be normal for a while.

The Airbnb was fine for some home time and so far away from any elements of La Paz interesting for tourists, and that was perfect. We decided to rest. Just rest. Buy food, cook it, and eat it. Go for little walks in the neighborhood of Mexican life, noticing the initiatives everywhere and wondering how all the mechanics of the society work. We saw a basil plant so big it was almost a small tree. And took a taxi so old it might have been my mother’s age. And wondered about the deep-fried pig skin “all-natural” with the portion-packed ketchup and the very dry peanuts with two dried chilies in the bag, how it all works, and what logic is behind.

And hung out, and watched TV, took showers. We have gotten the logistics to work for the coming days.

No big adventure days are part of the adventure and very much needed.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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