Arriving in Venice | Day 74 of my 2023 Journal


Ten years ago, we visited Venice for the first time. Our youngest son was just a little one, my hair was still short after cancer, and I still had many side effects after the treatment. Brain fog, nausea, unstable mood - and the worst: I would vomit several times a day.

Venice was amazing, but unfortunately, it was one of my worst days - I had to run to restaurant toilets FIVE times. Remember, this was a daily occurrence, not a virus or a bacteria, just a fact of life for me after chemotherapy.

My first visit to Venice was a clear example of the very good mantra: When you know what you don’t want, you know what you do want.

After a beautiful day with pizza, birds, the Basilica, gondoliers, and all of the canals, we returned to the van to rest. Reflecting on the day, I decided from a deep place that I would not live with the side effects. The doctors had told me to be grateful I was alive (which I was and am) and try to live with it (which I decided not to).

Before Venice, I had tried many things but never found good options, but that night, in my small van, I had different luck with my search on the internet for fellow survivors with similar problems.

From there started my journey back to health after cancer; it was truly transformational. The contrast of the day in Venice was what it took.

In this way, Venice is not just unique to the world of travelers, the world of art, the world of literature, world history, and everything in between. It is unique to me personally.

Now we are back. The camping was the same: huge ships sailing right outside the railing, Venice on the horizon, anticipation, beauty, awe.

On the morning of our journey to Venice, a huge thunderstorm arrived with hail, heavy rain, and much wind. Quite the contrast to both our expectations and the weather forecast.

We waited it out, it cleared, and we parked the van and started the Venice adventure.

Now, I am excited to see what Venice holds for us this time.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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