On #unschooling: Studying Sokrates and the discipline of logic.


On #unschooling: In the photo: My sons are laughing so hard, they can hardly stand, as we were voluntary and together in our home – studying Sokrates and the discipline of logic.

“It (I.e. the home) is not an artificial place, set up to make “learning” happen and in which nothing except “learning” ever happens. It is a natural, organic, central, fundamental human institution, one might easily and rightly say the foundation of all other institutions”
#JohnHolt – from ‘Teach your own’

I have seriously struggled with this question: How to not become artificial while unschooling. We call it #deschooling, the process where we, the parents, unlearn and uninstall the whole system of schooling from our concepts on life.

Yet, there are a few things I love MORE than exploring with my children. It could be a beach, a landscape, a culture, a language, an art form, or a science discipline – with my children. Not because I am trying to teach them, but because this is a natural way of living life together: Being interested in the world around us. Being a home-mother, building a nest for my family is a natural flow for me, and I am happy to do it.

We have chosen a nest with wheels on it; nonetheless, we consider our current location (where ever it is) as our home: If we are together, have a place to sleep and some food somewhere – it is home.

Getting this together and functional in new ways is the job of a nomadic mother, and for a long time, I did not have the arguments to stand up for the importance of it.

The longer I live this life, the more important I find the base. The love, the vibe, the organization (not too much, but enough to have a good flow), the resources. The base is the home.

I have been heavily criticized for choosing the home and taking my kids home. Now, I know I am right.

This is the only natural base for life.

Your parents ARE supposed to be the most important persons in your life until you become a parent yourself.

And your home is your base.

“… we cannot even imagine a society without homes, even if these should be no more than tents, or mud huts, or holes in the ground.”
– John Holt

May the sun shine on you.


Cecilie Conrad

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