A lovesong for life itself - week 16 2022 Catalunia

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A lovesong for life itself

I love my life. I truly do. I love everything about it. I love living, to begin with, I love the way we do it, and I love all of the changes of my nomad life. I love living in a small bus in Catalunia, I love renting a place close to art museums, I love being on the road in my van, I love sharing houses with friends, I love walking after lunch, I love sleeping close to my children, I love the rainy nights with thunder, I love the trees, I love reading books, I love dipping in the ocean, I love showering outdoors, I love walking my dogs, I love cooking, I even love organizing, I love planning stuff weather it happens or not, I love going with the flow, I love morning runs, I love to do my yoga, I love building new skills, I love building new relations, I love old relations, I love the stars at night, I love the moonrise from the ocean, I love my life as it is and as it is unfolding and as it is becoming and as it was. 

I love to learn and grow, and I love it when it is all chaos and I am too tired and everything is too much, and I breathe and learn from it. I love a good challenge, and I love the ease of meeting it with peace. 

I have everything I need. In abundance. I have everything I want. In abundance. I live in an abundant universe, and everything I could ever need on the path is always available. I love learning and re-learning this. I wake up often to realize this, and I love this awakening inside the awake life. As the beach takes the waves readily and beautifully, I allow the flow of abundance to come to me, just looking at the horizon taking in the complex sound of the waves of life, and I am grateful. 

I am grateful for all of the love that flows to me. I am grateful to live in an abundant universe, and I accept the fact, that I create most of my reality with my state of mind, I love this fact actually. Life is easy and peaceful if I allow it to be. So I do. I have an easy and peaceful life. 

I am always happy. If I momentarily am not happy, I am happy to know, I am learning something very important. So - I am always happy. One way or the other. I know God always has a plan for us, and that the Great Masterplan of the universe is not for us to understand, it is not our job, it is not necessary, and it is not part of the great music of life. We just need to tap in, to stay grateful and loving, we need to focus our senses on the truth. 

It is like a big party, a room full of conversations, our world is full of so many different agendas, processes, and vibes. All we need to do is to focus our attention on the high vibration, the love, the beauty, the ease, and the happiness. I have learned this over and over and over, and I have always been afraid to talk about it (big mistake, not going to continue that one). It IS that simple. Might not always feel easy, yet it IS easy once we start doing it and the more we do it, the easier it becomes. Like the good habit of a morning run. 

Yes, we can let out frustration, learning what to not do again - as long as we come back to the Truth. And the truth is love, beauty, and abundance. Sometimes in our family if someone is really frustrated, angry, or sad, and truly does not want to let go of it, we say as a general rule: You can stay with it for 20 minutes. Sit with it. Let it in, learn from it, feel everything about it. Twenty minutes is all it can have. After that, you get up and do something else. Something positive, something happy. 

So, I love this life. I love sharing it as well, as I realize learning from others is such a great hack. I want to get back to the weekly blogging, so here it is. The story of our second week in Catalunia, springtime 2022. 

The travel blog week 17 2022

Monday - Easter

Our friends from Sweden, now living in Prague, except they live at the moment in their van, came to visit Sunday night, just to stay a single night. Monday morning was full of social life, we played some music, and talked a bit before they took off on other adventures. We continued our day at the beach as the weather was perfect. The ocean is still cold, but not too cold, so we dipped. We did also have ice cream, went for a good walk, and had ice cream again before we went home to work and hang out. 

Tuesday - Sarah and Salvatore

Tuesday our friends from the States/Sicily now living in Barcelona, Sarah and Salvatore came to visit. We had not seen them for a while, so it was just so lovely to share a day with them. We talked a bit on the bus, went for a lovely walk locally in the abundant beauty right here where we live on the bus, and talked some more when we came back. 

Tuesday morning I talked to a Danish vet about our puppy and got solid advice, so I was happy to be able to change a too fright-based approach to something matching our lifestyle. It is a true challenge to take in medical advice from other cultures, so we decided not to - to just go with our danish style. The puppy is evolving perfectly and finding a good place in our family - learning to live with all of us, full of energy and love. It is wonderful. 

And I learned again to move away from negative energy, found a solid way to do it, and just feel happy under the sun with the new family member. 

Wednesday - Barcelona: Dentist and Elna

Coming back to base is a lot of social re-connecting. It is wonderful to have this place on earth to feel at home, and we are full on to making the most of it. Wednesday we went to the dentist just to hear him say, the process is unfolding perfectly and the teeth of our son will become perfect within 6 months. Yay. Storm (the son) and I had a coffee (me) and cake (him) to celebrate. After that we went to visit a lovely lady, we met just after arriving here 3,5 years ago: Elna. She is originally Danish, has been living in Barcelona for almost fifty years, and she is a blast! We are so grateful to call her our friend, and we enjoy the relationship a lot. We had lunch and cake, shared stories and ideas, played games, and had good laughs. Lovely. 

Before driving back we had a bit of shopping to do, plus did a quick visit to HandpanBarcelona, where Ravid our good friend has his work base. We re-connected with good hugs and big smiles and stories and music, and it was just so lovely. 

Driving back we were grateful for the bags of chips and corn crackers in the van kitchen, as we had very hungry teenagers in the back of the car, and the sun was setting. How do you know? A great day, a beautiful drive back, some lovely moments in the bus before sleep, thunderstorm beauty outside the many windows, and the sound of rain on the roof. I need no more in life. 

Thursday - My birthday

For the first time in my entire life, I just had a peaceful birthday. I have been emotional at birthdays, but this year I was just flying high on life. I love my life. I know I have everything I will ever need, I am grateful for people, sunshine, and love. Life is beautiful. I did not want any presents, as we just bought a puppy, and I am so much in love with this dog. I wanted a poodle ever since my first poodle Coco died 3,5 years ago, and now I finally get to put my hands and poodle fur and create a relationship with this angel creature. We all spend most of our energy making sure, the little dog, Sulaima, is happy and evolves as she needs, and there is no time to buy stuff. 

And I don't need stuff. I just want to continue living my happy life. I just wanted a peaceful day with my children, in my life, and that was what I got. 

It was a rainy day, beautiful. We just enjoyed the morning flow, picked up just one friend, and went to Sitges to lunch at my favorite restaurant Dosa Nova, an organic, gluten-free, vegan restaurant hosted by a lovely couple. The rain had stopped and we walked a bit to enjoy the waves and the castle had a beautiful lunch with laughter and drawings and fun, I took a few calls from family and friends, and we went home to watch a movie in the darkness, with thunderstorm and lightning outside the windows. It was a good movie, we all enjoyed it. It was truly smiles and happiness, and I could not have wanted a better day.

Of course, my family gave me a few presents anyway, but not too much. It was perfect. 

Friday - Market day

Friday is always a market day when we are here in Catalunia, and I do enjoy going there to stock up our kitchen for the coming week. Now we were also in contact with our British friends from France, on their way to come see us. We stoked up for a week of social life, went for a lovely afternoon walk, and cooked a lovely meal to share with the Sacshas family, who arrived just as the sunset. Just beautiful. The kids wouldn't stop talking, and we were all high on the prospect of having a full week to share. 

The weekend was packed with social life. Rubick's cubing, board games, lovely meals (always more fun to cook for more people, right), walks, conversations, work with animals, music, taking care of the puppy, chores. Life under the sun. 

In Spain Saint Georges's day is like valentines day in the US. It is the day for romantic love, and … wait for it: for books. I just LOVE this. What a great combination. Celebrating maybe the 2 most important elements of life: books and love on the same day with the same ritual. There will be bookstalls and flower stalls in the streets and everybody will give each other roses and books. Catalunia truly is special. 

The rest is history. The people are the greatest adventure of them all. 

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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