Beauty is down the road

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I took this photo last summer in Rome. Rome has amazing street art, but this one particularly struck me. Beauty is down the road. I don't exactly know, what the artist meant, but I know what it means to me. It is a reminder of something truly important.

We do create our own life. I already talked to two of my children about it today, and it is not even lunchtime. Of course, it is annoying when you want to go for a run, and your body says no (child 1), or you want to take a shower and the bathroom is out of order (child 2). The thing is this:

It is all in the mind.

It is.

All in the mind.

Of course, the shower is not in the mind. But our happiness is. Nothing is about how it is, everything is about how we take it. Everything is the mindset.

Knowing this, relearning this, reflecting upon this, and going back to this, is what took us to where we are today.

Beauty is down the road. Just keep going. If it is not right here, it is coming. If you keep looking for it, deciding it is there, working for it - it is all yours. Beauty. Health. Freedom. Abundance.

It is down the road. If you believe.

With love


Cecilie Conrad

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