Humbled by hospitality | Day 3 of my 2023 Journal


Everywhere we go, I read some blog posts by other travel bloggers, and very often, it is a clear point that people here are so friendly and hospitable. 

As I read it about close to everywhere (my own country being a clear exception), I never think much about it. Now in Sicily, I am humbled by how true it is. We have met unique and welcoming people everywhere we go - we often say the true adventure is the people, but here ... 

At Sicily, it is overwhelming, though. The people we meet here are so overwhelmingly helpful, sharing, and open-minded. Our hosts at the house we rented were sharing and helpful and smiling and wonderful; we met a family randomly by a viewpoint who shared their story, their wine, and cheese with us and went to great lengths to communicate with our very poor Italian, we met a passionate alpaca guy, so smiling and sharing and warm, and the list goes on. 

Yesterday we met a friend of our hosts and his daughter and her friend. They took us out on their boat on the beautiful Mediterranean. We spent all day just absorbing the sea's silence and beauty while discussing literature with the bright young people, learning about sailing from the captain, and learning about Sicilian culture and history. 

To top it we enjoyed the fantastic colors of the sunset at the harbor while sharing a bottle of sparkling. 

How do we handle such generosity, such open arms, and so much friendliness? We learn. We can always become even more generous, open-minded, hospitable, and kinder. And we celebrate it with profound gratefulness while watching the sunset.

We are humbled by the hospitality and put Sicily in first place as the most welcoming place we have ever been.



Cecilie Conrad

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