Just go for a walk | Day 8 of my 2023 Journal


Something wonderful happens when we go for a walk. And we go for a walk a lot. Sometimes there is a purpose. It could be something simple, like buying vegetables, or it could be something major, like walking to see Pompeii excavations - or something where walking is the sole purpose, like walking the Camino or hiking to a waterfall.

We walk a lot. We walk very often, short and long, with or without agenda.

In our family, it has healing powers; it creates a space for open-ended conversations and silence. We group and regroup, and we walk through many different emotions when we go for a walk. Herein lies the healing powers.

We loved walking 125 kilometers of the Camino in the fall, and we like it when we just walk a few kilometers on a beach. Like yesterday, a perfect example.

We were out to shop for vegetables with this wonderful farmer, selling his produce from his handbuild van at the harbor. Not an Instagram van, but a working van, blessed by the Love of God, I am sure of it. After the shopping, we had a sandwich, went to walk around the city to find a mailbox, and then headed for the beach to just walk in the sunlight. We bought ice cream, enjoyed the colors, the water, the sand, and the light, talked, worked through frustrations, and celebrated gratefulness. We looked at what was happening around us, met some dogs and some people, and a lot of fish and stone. Dug a hole in the sand. Called a friend.

After a few hours, we went home, lighter and happier. Going for a walk is the simplest thing, but it is not easy to let go of the agenda, of the purpose, of efficiency, and just go for a walk. Simply do it. Not to get some exercise or to see a certain monument, simply to walk, to be, to allow being.

I can highly recommend it. Just go for a walk. With some loved ones, preferably.


Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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