Skills | Day 7 of my 2023 Journal


When I started this challenge/new year resolution to write a short note every day, I wanted to share the stories about what we did. Where we went, who we met, and what happened. It seems I more consistently share what I think about.

It is interesting how we always learn and always evolve. We think we know why we do a certain challenge and where it will take us. But ever so often, we learn something different and arrive somewhere surprising. Very often, we do not even realize it until years later. 

Celebrating our sons' birthdays, we started a bonfire in the pizza oven to learn to make pizzas for real. I am a food geek, just love to roam around in my mostly vegan and totally vegetarian and 100% gluten-free kitchen, learning all the time. I never read a magazine for women, but I read hundreds of cooking books. So, it could just as well have been my birthday; I was so excited. 

Once we got the temperature right, it was so much fun. The detail of the dough, the experiments with different sauces, toppings, vegan cheese - and the joy of my family eating them as soon as I took them out of the oven. Working with timing, turning the pizza halfway without taking it out of the oven. Working with temperature. Working with crust, with oil, with salt. I had so much fun and will have to make pizza almost every day I stay in this house; I need to learn as much as I can! I just have to make sure I don’t eat much of it, as I would like to be able to wear the same clothes in February!

I make it a habit to continually learn what the current situation offers and take it as a challenge to acquire a new skill. Life is more fun than that. The more we know, the more fun we have. Learning every day is such a luxury, context aside.

It seems to me the school system is drowning this fact in the hierarchy, tests, forced interests, dumbing down, and the lack of freedom.


Cecilie Conrad

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