The Beginning | Day 0 of my 2023 Journal


It is a funny New Year's resolution to plan to spend MORE time on social media. Very much out of character for me.

Yet, this is what is on my mind. And if it was easy, it would not be a challenge, would it?

In the coming year, it is my resolution to choose just one photo a day, to share at least one thought a day, and to be consistently present in tracking our story and sharing our perspective.

In 2022 loads of things happened; in a few weeks, I will have the statistics done (it takes forever to do it after the fact), but for now, I will share just this.

In 2022 for the first time, I had an old-fashioned New Year's resolution, and I stuck to it to the end.

It was something I had NOT to do.

This year will be a bit harder, as it is something I want to do.

I want to do this 365 sharing to the best of my ability.

Sometimes it will be impossible or very short, or very strange. But I shall try my best.

I will share one photo and one bite of the previous day, just like this photo, which I took just after midnight last night. The pool is in the southeast of Sicily, Italy, it is about 18 degrees Celcius, and we all jumped into it at midnight under the stars and in the moonlight. It was beautiful. And fun. Then we shared a bottle of champagne in the sauna, laughing and warming up after a perfect New Year's evening.

We are ready for a year under the title Big Rocks First. If you want to know what that means to us, read it here.

Happy new year.


Cecilie Conrad

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Are you happy?
Big Rocks First - welcome to 2023


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