The things we learn | Day 92 of my 2023 Journal

Things we learned

My youngest son had this amazing idea.

The idea is to - Every week, write down the things we learned that week. I am sure I would gain a lot of peace of mind from doing such an exercise regularly.

All loose ends tied in my mind. Anchoring of decisions, knowledge, and new info.

It is, of course, impossible. We learn so much it would take all day to list it, but in some form, with some sort of filter, it would be a great thing to do.

The first weekend in April starred a lot of learning—the not-so-fun kind. We worked ourselves too hard and had to pay with exhaustion.

Here is what we learned from evaluating:

1. Do not plan an all-day excursion the day before checkout. Especially do not drive home too late 1 hour in the wrong direction.
2. Organise and clean the van on arrival, not just before leaving.
3. Do not check in and out on the same day. A pause day in the van is to be preferred.
4. In short: Slow down and do good planning, including pauses.

More importantly, we learned we are strong and can handle it. After Pisa and Lucca, we misplaced the pin for the GPS and drove two hours instead of one. And next day, we had too many practical things to do for one day, topped with hail and rain in the exact hour we had to walk from our parked van to the Airbnb.

Of course, we also learned amazing stuff of many kinds, and I might share it if I get around to writing the weekly learning list. But for now, we are in Rome and will be busy enjoying this wonderful city for a while.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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