Pisa and Lucca | Day 91 of my 2023 Journal


The leaning tower of Pisa truly is learning. Even driving into the city of Pisa, it is entirely off and looks almost dangerous—all the marble leaning to one side.

What is impressive is more the fact it never fell than the fact it is not standing upright in perfect balance.

So we went. To take the pictures, all the stupid ones and some extra stupid ones. Like everyone else. The vibe of these places is quite enjoyable. Everyone is having fun.

But we split and went straight for beautiful Lucca to walk the city wall, enjoy the cathedral and spend time as a family.

The plan could have been better, as the city was overflowed with people on a Saturday. But okay. We will walk the wall and see the cathedral next time. This time we did some essential shopping, had some gelato and walked the streets.

In the end, we had a memorable dinner, not in a good way, but in the way that inspired the improbability motor in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

It was a long and beautiful day spent with family in the sun. We are grateful and happy.


Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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