Playing games | Day 87 of my 2023 Journal


Yesterday we played a lot of games in the sunshine. Allow me to reflect on games. 

Games allow us to interact within the constraints of the rules of the game.

We have a structure for what we are doing, and it will puzzle us, entertain us, and challenge us to play the game. This means we will grow individually and as a group. One of the most important elements of the game is the vulnerability. When we begin playing a game, we have to assume the other players will not cheat. We also have to trust they will complete the game. This means the simple act of sitting down to play a game together is an act of trust and of being trustworthy.

Living as humans, we are dependent on being able to trust the people we share our lives with and also on being seen as trustworthy.

In the end, we are all deeply codependent and, in the long run, will only survive if we can trust each other to have each other's backs. This is the reason cheating and treason, and crime is so interesting. All of the crime novels and all of the stories on these topics puzzle us because spotting the liar, the cheater is crucial for us. Basic.

Playing games with each other creates a space for confirming our codependence, our ethical stand, and in the end, our love for each other. It also creates a space where we all agree on following the same rules for a while.

As you might have noticed, I call myself an anarchist because I seriously have a problem with rules. But only rules imposed on me. Only rules that come without choice.

Following rules for a reason is a completely different game (pun intended), and playing games exactly underline this basic element of human interaction:

When we share some time, and especially if we have a project together, it makes sense to lay out some basic rules and decide to all follow them. Playing games rehearses our emotional capability to work together.

When adults think playing games is not serious business, they could not be more mistaken. Playing games is an important element of life. We should all do it. Nowadays, there are so many different games to choose from, basically, there is no excuse.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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