The French Alpes - Sometimes van life is just perfect | Day 103 of my 2023 Journal


Sometimes van life is just perfect.

When we left the Mont Blanc tunnel, we realized it was pretty late, and we were relatively high up in the mountains. It was not optimal to sleep in the van when it was freezing outside, so we drove down for some time before we stopped to rest. Took a wrong turn and drove some scary small roads.

“When you take a risk, you are rewarded” This is one of the truths we have learned on our journeys. In a few weeks in the podcast with Martin Cooke, you can hear this saying from the horse's mouth in our podcast.


So, we woke up by a beautiful lake in a valley of the Alps. There were snow-capped mountains, green grass, birds singing, and friendly people walking dogs, and we were happy to do the morning routine. My husband even took a dip in the lake.

Driving off, we met a waterfall after only 3 minutes of driving, stopped, and had a beautiful and healing walk feeling the pure joy and excitement nature sometimes sparks, running to get closer, drinking the water, and taking photos.


Moving on, the day was full of sunshine and practical stuff and springtime. We fixed the water system, stocked up on gas for cooking and organic food, and drove as far towards Normandie as possible before nighttime.

The evening was a contrast to the morning. We had decided to park in a small village with an area that said “Stationnement de Camping Car” on google maps, but in reality, it was forbidden to enter with camping cars. So, we slept at a supermarket parking lot. Not very interesting.

While driving, we discussed peace and how to let it enter the lifestyle. We canceled some planned events and decided to go to some friends' houses, friends who are also attending the worldschooling event. It makes much more sense to get tuned and ready for this rather than trying to do a hundred things on the way.

We ARE willing to go far outside our comfort zone, yet we also want to focus on what matters the most in the given situation.
We realize finding peace is very much about being ready. Ready to be ready.

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Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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