Mama Mia Marathon | Day 113 of my 2023 Journal


It seems to me we are in a unique situation. The families at the castle seem to be primarily unschoolers, which means my children are immersed in a large group of children who grew up with the same kind of freedom they have. The culture among the children is, therefore, beautiful and very interesting to observe.

On Sunday night, the children hosted a Mama Mia Marathon. They organized the party with popcorn, pajamas, and a huge pile of pillows, and we had a wonderful evening watching the movies. Only a few of the parents participated, as it happened my husband and I did (for the first movie).

It is so lovely to see a group of teenagers not afraid to show up in their nightgown, not afraid to be silly, not afraid to wear a pink unicorn jumpsuit, not afraid to fall asleep during the movie, not afraid to ask “stupid” questions on the plot. It was especially lovely to hear them all sing along to the wonderful Abba songs.

I just love the way they carry themselves, the way they carry each other, and the way they engage with this beautiful life.

There is no doubt we will participate in re-creating a space like this again, as it is so precious to be around like-minded teens.

And by the way, the movie was much more than I would have thought it was. I enjoyed it very much and was deeply moved while having fun and enjoying the music from my childhood. Perfect.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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