Hotel Beaumont and Starwars | Day 114 of my 2023 Journal


Hotel Beaumont was sold to me as “The Versailles of Normandie”, and I must say I was quite disappointed if I thought of it that way.

The Hotel (mansion) was restored by the owner and it looked beautiful from the outside. It was built just before the French Revolution, and part of it was turned into a museum sharing the way of life in the 1700 and 1800. How it was and how it changed.


As the place had been taken from the upper class during the revolution plus bombed during the Second World War, there was nothing original left.

The family had reconstructed it, and to me, it was more a museum than a restored house.

We have seen quite a few of these places around Europe. The guide had a nice outlook on life and shared the history of the noble families and the servants interestingly. 

So that was nice.


After, we went to a closing market and had some fries. It was freezing cold.

We took the children back to the castle, went to the vet with the dog, the electronic shop with a broken phone, to the organic shop to stock up on broccoli, and finally, we had the time to cook and hang.

In the evening, I watched Star Wars with Fjord.

Just like the Hotel Beaumont was in many ways a re-play, we can never enter the same river twice, and watching Star Wars with Fjord was like visiting the museum in the morning, a lovely new way of engaging with something known.

Star Wars is excellent.

So are historical museums, when they are well made and especially when they are also well communicated.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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