The Marsh | Day 118 of my 2023 Journal


It is very moist here.

Rain comes in and out, grass full of dew in the morning, and the marsh vibrates with a baseline of water.


We have been told it comes and goes with the seasons and that the spot of the castle, called an island literally, was picked originally by the Vikings because the unpredictability of the surrounding landscape so well protected it.

Sometimes you would have to arrive by boat, other times over land.

As I write, I sit in my van, listening to the birds and enjoying the trees and grass and the morning moisture.

Nowadays, and for probably a long time, the water is controlled by human systems, yet when we walked the marsh with the big group to give back to the area by doing a trash pick-up day, we had to turn around because the area was too wet.


It was beautiful, though, and it was nice to be out with like-minded people.

I enjoyed taking off my shoes and feeling the mud, the grass, and the water.

I love to ground myself walking barefoot, and this was a lovely way to immerse myself in the landscape and the agenda of the day.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad






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