All the little things | Day 131 of my 2023 Journal

all the little things

With the busy life of the large group of Worldschoolers, it happened several times. I fell behind with my 365 electronic journaling challenge of writing a small text about every day of 2023. Then I had to run fast to catch up, and this specific time, I completely forgot about the day until I suddenly realized it was a day of “little things.”

I went out for a run. I did some lovely yoga in the rain. Took a long shower. Prepped food. Washed the clothes. Called a friend. Deleted all the unnecessary emails. Organized my supplements. Read a book.

Two things make me grateful for days like this.

One is the fact I don’t have to go to work. I am not part of a system of showing up, looking good, and performing within someone else’s frame. I can do what feels right after I sleep until I am well-rested. I don’t have to hike a mountain or browse an art museum to feel truly happy; I am just grateful for my freedom and the days when I unfold all the little things; taking my time is such a luxury.

The other thing was the talk I had with Chris Attwood, an inspirational leader who is also my personal friend, just brushing up on how we align our lives with our core values and most powerful passions.

Setting strong intentions, paying attention to our goals, and letting go of all tension in the process will keep us on track, in flow, and happy.

The intermezzo between all the things we sometimes think matters more is usually where all the important stuff happens.

Just like with the co-living adventure: The moments late at night in the kitchen, drinking wine and cleaning up, the early mornings with the teens having coffee and journaling, the lazy sofa hours in the lounge.

All of that was so much more precious than the Bayeux tapestry, the art museums, the French markets, the beaches, and the D-day museums combined.

What truly matters is the little things. And the adventure of with and for who you are doing them.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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