The adventure is the people | Day 134 of my 2023 Journal


There is no getting around it. The most important thing in our journey is the people we meet, the connections, the friendship, the love. The stories.

Maybe we are all here to find each other?

Maybe it is the whole and sole purpose, or at least we can not complete our purposes without finding each other.

Most studies on happiness and quality of life often show this thing: Relations are the only thing that really matters in the end.

Five years ago, we launched this great adventure to see the world, explore and learn and live to the fullest. Before we knew it, something showed itself to be the most important thing: The people.

The adventure is not about WHERE we go, but rather WHO we meet. 

In the new relations lies the true adventure.

Most important is the relation itself, but shooting off from there comes to the stories, the vibes, and the knowledge making the actual travel adventure so much richer.

As a friend of ours puts it: All I need is a place to sleep and a friend to show me around, then I am ready to go anywhere.

Moving on from the castle, we drove 1058 kilometers in 11 hours. It was the perfect way to spend this otherwise somewhat hard day. The past month had given us such adventure and such a richness of new friends; it was tough to leave.

We started the day strong with a cold dip with the few people still left, said our goodbyes, and started the drive.

There is not much to be said. It was raining. We drove across France, we drove through Belgium, made a quick lunch somewhere. Slept, texted, played games, listened to music, and talked.

We arrived at dear friend's garden, hugged, laughed, and smiled.

The reunion was full of love and a wonderful example of nomad relations. We met these people first ten years ago in Copenhagen, and the last time we saw them was in Istanbul summer of 2021.

In my experience, we get to have these perfect experiences if we manage to stay in our flow. Life showed us exactly how abundant and perfectly timed it can be, and leaving the castle with this distance and this destination was no less than perfect.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

# 134 of my 2023 writing challenge - Read them all here 

Images from the day

The route we had to drive - from Normandy to Northern Germany

We love our Van - and especially the kitchen, where we can cook real food 


1058 kilometers in 11 hours. This includes stops to eat and to go to the restroom.


Just 5 minutes from our friends - we had to wait for 10 minutes for trains to pass. It took a lot of patience.


Together with our friends - sharing stories - creating memories. 

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