The German Connection | Day 135 of my 2023 Journal


Ten years ago, Chris and Doris Attwood were suddenly in my living room in Copenhagen.

A friend had called, asking if I would help this American/German couple who wanted to move to Denmark to homeschool. Of course, I would. An hour later, they arrived. We had speed cleaned the surface mess, as we always do to honor “new” people in our lives, and I had just sat down to breastfeed my youngest child. The couple sat down, and we talked.

It is interesting how the universe works. Our families have been inspiring each other for a decade now, dancing in circles. Even on the first day, we knew there was something important going on in this relationship, as - to be fair - most often, there is something important going on.

The Attwoods moved to Denmark, and we spent great times together over the summer. Then, being the free spirits we all are, we moved all over the planet and have met at multiple locations since. More important is the information flow, you could say, or the spilling of soul energy between the two families.

Chris has been a great inspiration and pusher of good decisions for us and connected Jesper to the job, which gave us the courage to leave a home-based life and go full-time nomadic. Doe, and I are so different, yet so alike, and the differences make us grow just as the common obsessions connect us deeply.

The children have become good friends, and the moments we share are always special.

For now, they live in Germany. This time we have 48 hours to share. We woke up listening to the birds singing from the apple trees and walked over the wet grass in the sunshine of German spring to their house so full of peace and love.

I am not kidding.

Peace and love.

Co-living can have many faces.

We have shared our lives with many different people in so many other places; we are used to just merging.

In this family, it is easy; we all go about doing our things, yet taking time for the good conversations, the long hugs, the board games, the shared cooking, and the little walks.

These are happy days with peace and love.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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Images from the day






Chris helping to map out our coming US Roadtrip




Playing games - enjoying life

Telling stories and sharing images from our travels

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