May the forest be with you | Day 139 of my 2023 Journal


When we lean into the Great Vibe of the Universe, really truly align with ourselves, it seems overwhelming how it all works.

I remember reading about synchronicity at university while studying Jung, thinking it was amazing to find this stuff. In most cases, everything remotely mysterious has been written out of the history of science, and there it was at the University of Copenhagen.

The amazing stuff. The Real Stuff. The stuff we know to be true when we stop overthinking things and begin to live.

When we let the heart be the brain if you like.

The “Day of the Forest” at Åmarksgård was a celebration of a forest my friend Ina planted three years ago.

She was wearing the amazing forest green t-shirt saying: “May the forest be with you.” This was a direct link to the past month of watching Star Wars with my youngest.


Ina Lindemark in front of her 2-year young forest

This link points to something very important.

The talking about the climate crisis and other apocalyptic problems seems to be The Dark Side talking.

I am not ignorant of the reality, but I find the way it is discussed entirely off.

It is all about fear and guilt, about pushing and giving up, about impossibilities, and other stuff I do not even want to re-phrase. I am not giving in to The Dark Side.

If anything is to ever evolve into something better, we must stay in the light.

One of the root problems behind climate stuff is disconnection.

From each other. From love. From nature. From a humble and grateful perspective.7Y4A0348

This feeds consumerism, speed, need, and greed. Without the deep connectedness to our souls, to The Force, we can not live fulfilled lives and will feel hungry and dissatisfied forever. The wheels will keep turning. We can not stop ourselves, the Dark Side will win.

Staying in the light, staying connected and true and present and humble and focused and strong will allow for the good stuff to happen.

Like my friend planting a forest.

This kind of action is based on the true Force of a lived life and willingness to do what is right.

So, to me, it is the perfect saying: May the forest be with you.

May it be with us all.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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