Overnight oats with Ebbe | Day 141 of my 2023 Journal


Some days are fairly slow. Some days are just simple days. Like Monday, when we were working on the blogs and stuff, sat in the sun, went to the second-hand shop, and cooked lovely food.

When we lived in Copenhagen, we had a habit of visiting Åmarksgård, where we currently reside, almost every Friday, and when we built the bus, we did it here—a long and beautiful summer. We have had many long nights of music and talks; we have unschooled our almost identical-age children, who are great friends. Now the oldest are almost adults. The youngest of our friends' children, Ebbe, was a newborn when we met.

Oh, the years are short!

In the beginning, I had a hard time cooking in Bjørns kitchen, starstruck by his talent. Looking back on it now, it seems stupid, but this was the case. A lot has happened since, and when I joined the kitchen today, I had no problem. I do my thing. I am grateful for everything Bjørn teaches me and for the highly open-minded vibe of the whole household.

Something has changed, I notice. I must have grown. Over the years, yes, I have learned to know my value, also as a cook, but also I notice since the last time we were here seven months ago, I have gained energy and focus. I am less chaotic. This is a great advantage of a nomadic lifestyle: Things come into perspective when we return to the same places, like mirrors showing us our progress or our detours.

On this Monday, I spend a lot of time with my computer and my husband planning our projects for the coming year. It is a complex thing. After that, I enjoyed cooking with Bjørn and Ebbe. With Ebbe, I did the luxury version of overnight oats, adding a tip from Bjørn about fermenting with apple. Ebbe enjoyed my overnight oats a lot, so we made them together. He is a lovely spirit, Ebbe; I am grateful he is in our circles.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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