Nomad logistics | Day 142 of my 2023 Journal


For almost five years now, I have been living in a vehicle. Yet, I don’t drive.

Two years ago, I started driving our VW, but then we upgraded to the Sprinter, and again it was overwhelming.

So even though I live in a van, I never drive it.

My husband and Storm had to fly to Barcelona to see the dentist. Early morning flight, a quick vegan, gluten-free pizza from Flax and Kale, a friend drove by with a blender and gave a good hug, then the dentist, more street food, and a taxi to the airport landing in Copenhagen just after midnight. All good with the teeth. We continue the excellent work, never giving up.

Flax & Kales vegan gluten-free truffle pizza - it is sooo good

Other logistics arose when Silke and I had to visit the vet the same morning, realizing the only vehicle at the farm that day was the van, and my youngest son was sleeping in it. So, we decided to walk.

We love to walk, and it was lovely. Just a few drops of rain, the beautiful farmland, and sunshine, chatting with my second daughter for an hour each way.
Coming back, my friend called from the bus, looking for the blender she was to bring to my husband, and I had to speak Spanish right there and then try to guide her. I suddenly missed Spain a lot, my friends, the sunshine, the language, the vibe - so when the dentist said Storm needed more aligners, and we had to go back in October, it was a relief.


I just love Catalunia. Now we have to come back when the heat is going down, and the mangos are ripe. What's not to like?

Hanging up, my daughters were approaching me very stressed out because they had to get to Copenhagen fast, so I decided to drive the big van for the first time to drive them to the station. There was no one else and no other vehicles, so I just had to do it.

I don’t drive normally. For many reasons, and even though we have been living in the Mercedes for almost a year now, I have never driven it. This was the day, and it went well.

I am happy I finally got my nerve up and grateful I could help my girls.

A day of many forms of logistics. We did not bike. We did not skate. But we did get around a lot of different options.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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