Life witnesses and sailing through the city | Day 155 of my 2023 Journal


Copenhagen is a city by the water.

The tourists sail the boats of the canal and see many important places within an hour of sailing.

In my life in Copenhagen, I have lived in places not exactly by the water. This year my husband intended to flip that coin and let our family understand the city from the water perspective—the Venice of Copenhagen.

It is interesting how all things we do are connected.

Very often, something happens, or we join some event or read a book, or learn to cook a recipe for no reason at all except we did it. It might be intuition; it might be just a flimsy feeling, might be tagging along.

Later, we realize there is so much more going on, some dots of life to connect, where this seemingly little thing plays an important role.

Five or six years ago, my husband went for a bicycle ride with his colleagues around the harbor of Copenhagen, and ever since, he has wanted to do the same thing with us. Now, we have walked half of it through the new areas I wrote about in 151, and on this day, we sailed it with my soul-friend Tamiko and her partner on a big raft.

It is such a luxury to spend a day on the water with friends in the sunshine. The feel of being inside the city yet detached from it by the water, connected and present, is the perfect way to commit to just being.

The same morning I went for a walk with another old friend, equally of soul level. He is an adventurer and had just returned from India, Thailand, and Bali long journey, and we realized we would both be in the same city for precisely two days. So we went for a walk to reconnect, and it was perfect.

All of my nostalgia and the weird feel of being inside a bubble disappeared, and I was blown back to the here and now, to the high vibe of being on track.

Suddenly I realized all of the things I already knew, trusted the dots to be essential and the track to be high, and came back into daring the high vibe and the pure being.

We sailed all afternoon, had meaningful conversations, feet in the water, and took a lot of photos. Storm read “The old man and the Sea” on the raft, and it was perfect.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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