When you think you have a plan | Day 154 of my 2023 Journal

154 think you have a plan

Some days are overloaded with to-do. If we lean back and trust the process, they might unfold beautifully.

When we sat around the porridge and berries, the list of things to do was huge and seemed impossible. We had to buy shoes; we had two social events; we wanted to visit places; there were meals to cook and bits of work to get done, and some extra shopping for basic clothes and food.

So what do you do?

Get up and start in one end.

We visited the barefoot shop to find shoes for everyone, all seven of us. It took three full hours to find shoes for all of us, we went through many crises, and all were left confused and hungry after paying a notable bill. In the end, we completed the mission, and that was good. Real foot-shaped shoes with minimalist soles are hard to find out there in the world, so the barefoot shop in Copenhagen is worth the three hours.

Matching choices to values is not hard to realize; we have to walk every day, all of us, so we have to get the shopping done.

It was exhausting, so we went directly home and cooked some food, had some coffee, did a bit of drawing, canceled everything else on the list, and went to the cinema to see the new Spiderman movie.

Walking back at night, we met some family in the street and had a lot of hugs, enjoying the beautiful Scandinavian summer night vibe.

In the apartment, we ran to the rooftop terrace to see the firework from TIVOLI just before midnight and felt happy and tired at the same time.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

# 154 of my 2023 writing challenge - Read them all here 


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