Look for what you need in what you have | Day 168 of my 2023 Journal


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We live in a world of consumerism.

Always shopping.

Always using something.

Always on the lookout for more, for adjustments, for the next thing.

It is destroying our lives and our habitat. But it is addicting. Very hard to stop.

And maybe we do not even need to stop.

We need to stop and think. For a while.

Looking for what we really need. Looking for the hardest of all choices: What do we want? Truly want. What is important?

So, this is a tough question, and our culture of separation, individualism, consumerism, and accomplishment is tearing us apart while NOT leaving space for this core question.

It is a curse to have so many options, to be able to do almost everything. I think many young people live under a curse combination: They have all options, but they have to SHINE.

There is no ordinary left.

You can not dream about a life as a dentist with a small house and two kids in the neighborhood where you grew up. That would not be a success.

Everything has to be EXTRAORDINARY.

It is tricky to handle this on the base of a life lived in institutions and schools, a technically stressed-out life with other people's agendas filling your day until you are twenty years of age.

You fight for your little bits of freedom to do YOUR thing but have no time to really find out what that is, and get absorbed in the loop of options, of the urge to shine. You can always grow your followers, always write another book or take another course or shine just a bit MORE.

It is down the same road. Consuming life, overachieving, running too fast.

What if we stop?

Stop to think.

What if we let go?

Allow other people to make their own choices. Allow ourselves to make mistakes. Work wholeheartedly to find and nuance our own values, goals, passions, and focal points in life.

In my experience, this work always leaves me knowing I have all I need and everything is unfolding perfectly.

Exactly because I stopped to breathe and think and be.

I can highly recommend it.

Traveljourneywise: We spend another day together in the Swedish forest and by the lake. It was beautiful.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

🇩🇰 Also available in Danish 🇩🇰

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