Halfway done! | Day 187 of my 2023 Journal


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Yesterday I spent a good two hours saving my 365 streak. I had fallen behind for ten days. That is: I had written my text but not chosen the photos and not posted on Social Media. A one-year commitment is a wild thing to do. I knew yesterday I had to save it; otherwise, it would be the end. We need discipline actually to discipline ourselves.

Now, is that a good thing?

Just like I missed celebrating the five-year mark of our nomad life, I missed the halfway done mark for my 365 challenge. Within the ten days of just keeping quick notes was my day 183=half way. AND my five-year celebration of Nomad life.

It is a hard thing to prioritize. Right now, my children are all in the pool with their friends, and it is tempting to join the splashing around under the apple trees in the warm summer days of July. To exit the present moments of temptation and stick to a plan I made six months ago can be challenging. What is the point?

I had to do it, as I am taking up the challenge of writing a book with a friend. A guide to a balanced life. If I am to do another massive project of this sort, I need to know I can do the first one.

So, there I was, re-tracking my ideas, remembering days, finding photos - realizing I had lost a day sometime in June and my numbering was wrong (cost me at least half an hour of frustration).

So why AM I doing it?

To keep up with my own mind and stay on track, I need to let out my ideas. There is so much more to write than this, but at the very least, I need my travel memories to be in place. The places we were, the people we met, the things we thought about, and what we did.

I am halfway done for this year. And I am learning two very big lessons. It is not a small thing to put down in words what I think; it takes time and effort. And the other: Having a clear value system and a clear goal makes it so much easier to “miss out” on what is happening here and now to achieve a greater goal.

There is nothing I recommend higher than getting clear on goals and values. And re-doing it ever so often. What is important? Where are we going? And why?

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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