Stay in flow | Day 188 of my 2023 Journal


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My friend Tine, who built an incredible monastery in Denmark where I stayed several times in my youth, said, “Stay in the prayer.” To me, this means staying in my connection to the higher vibe, the peace that seems to follow being in the right place, on the right track. Once I start feeling chaotic or in doubt or frustrated, or when conflict begins to arise, I know I am off.

Many, many times in my life, I have tried to solve things by working on it. Thinking about it, figuring it out. Recently I have learned staying in the flow and following the path of least resistance often solves all of the so-called problems and makes for a lovely day.

At the moment, we are many people with different agendas and energies, and yesterday some tried spontaneously to organize a day out. Lots of energy and conversation went into trying to figure it out, and slight irritation arose, over time it could have become conflict - but once we gave up on working it out and trying to force it and let everyone follow their flow and path, we all had the day we needed. In the end, we also did go out to swim the beautiful lake altogether, even arriving with perfect timing three cars from different directions.

This will be my mantra for a while: Stay in the flow. It is a good one. Entering the state of inner peace happens to me by doing my journaling, my morning planning, and my meditation first. When I do that, I become clear in my mind, and things work out perfectly.

Emotions are a good guidance system. When at peace, all is good; when excited, we are on track to something important; when annoyed, frustrated, or angry, there is something to let go of, either an idea, an ego vibe, or an attachment to some version of reality not currently available.

We had the most beautiful day. Garden yoga, Silke off to do artwork with a new friend, a peaceful shared meal, an outing to swim a cold and lovely lake on a warm and sunny day, conversations with friends, communal singing, a big shared meal of dahl and rice, love.

It is not necessarily easy to stay in the flow. But it is worth it to aim for it, to work for it, to succeed.

I call it flow. I have to specify there are in my vocabulary two kinds of flow: The life flow and the workflow. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described the amazing flow state that we all know, and in my vocabulary, I use the same word for being in flow in everyday life, going about doing things. This silent presence while making our beds, doing our yoga, and talking to our kids resembles the workflow state a lot and allows for life to flow and everything to unfold beautifully)

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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🇩🇰 Read in Danish 🇬🇧 

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