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An insight into the inner and outer journey, what we learn, and how we transform while leaving our life in Copenhagen behind and starting traveling full time.

Community Living – a new form of being

We´ve just spent ten days on a farm within a family community that we got to know because the middle generation also homeschools their kids. Bjørn and Ida have three kids and live with Ida’s parents on a farm south of Copenhagen. They´re our close friends; we care about them a lot, and we get thoroughly inspired by them and admire their special traits and talents.

Only ten days were needed to open my eyes to the sense of community living. We all thrive, and the interactions are nice. It’s new for me, but exactly what I want: not only is the world big, but the possibilities are open and endless.

Everything always works out for us.

Everything has worked out, and the days have been unforgettably beautiful. We have found our way through diverse crises: First, the bus broke down, then the next day, we attended a funeral. A few days later, it turned out Jesper needed a new driving license.

In the moments we face these oppositions, it’s difficult… we implode. But when I zoom out and see the big picture, the first ten days of this new lifestyle: independent of place and together on a geographic and spiritual “Grand Tour,” I can see we succeed in everything and all the time get better at believing in success.

Everything works out when we lean back in existence and trust that life wants only good things for us. Always!

Life is magnificent. Love is never-ending. The thankfulness is magical. Cosmos absolutely overwhelmingly beautiful.

The inner journey: when we rise to the task

I want to share everything, learn everything and see everything. It’s magnificent. I think we open up and get smarter all the time. I think I’ve learned to live with other people and can compromise in relation to my demons. I’ve already compromised so much I can see them dampening down. I’m finding my way out of the impression that there’s no room for me and ending my confusing relationship with rules and authority in peace. It’s beautiful.

We’ve learned to accept help: Ina’s father, Ivar, has been a father figure, a mentor, and a brilliant sun on these incidentally sunny days. Marie, our friend from Japan, has made incredible food for us, the kids have played, and Storm has dived into a mathematical adventure.

We’ve also learned to see the worth in our own being. I, especially, have to pull myself out of the dirt constantly. To be without a home, without personal projects, in pure being, pure vibration; a super pure reception of things that happen, things which just are, are an important- a challenge. I’m still dribbling.

Life is a continuum that began when we sat out under the stars and planned the journey.

Workshops, the kids, and everyday life outside of weekdays

I play drawing school and beauty salon with the girls, go on photo shoots alone or with Fjord, sing great songs, have music hours, clean up, cut the kid’s nails, treat wounds, have conversations – and no one can vibrate me. I must realize that my contribution has as much worth and is just as important as everyone else´s: my efforts in emotion, balance, energies, ideas, education, and words lead me down my path here on Earth.

Jesper has slaved and slaved on the bus. We might resemble rejoicing idiots when we throw ourselves into this project with no experience in motors and without a handyman type among us, but what’s fantastic about this life is: we believe in it, we do it, and things just happen. We know we’re going on the most beautiful journey in an incredible red bus and that, actually, the journey has already begun. Life is a continuum that began when we connected with God; at that time, we sat out under the stars and planned the journey together with unpretentious, pure energy – this is magnificent because it is magnificent.

We know we’re going on the most beautiful journey in an incredible red bus, and the journey has already begun.

Which reality do you choose?

It’s a question of which vibrations we choose. Which reality do we decide on? There are naturally some enormous challenges and situations, and worst of all: losses. But the beauty, the love, and the gratitude are the transforming powers that make us travel.

It´s a little strange because when we’re lying down, we don’t know; when we’re spiraling in negative energy, it´s hard to find a way out of it. It´s as if it has the power. But it only requires a little effort to slip free and step into the brilliant room where everything is a success. It requires practice to get there, nothing else.

Gratitude´s transforming power and the spiritual knowledge that we can´t be in two vibrations simultaneously, save the day - time and time again.

Naturally, there are emotional challenges, and every time it´s the thoughts that set the wrong path. If we listen to the low emotions: the fear, the creeping, the doubt, the rumbling, the angst, the all-encompassing, the sorrow – if they are a mirror of thoughts: thought´s interpretation of reality – we must realize these thoughts are ours, we can choose other ones.

As soon as we remember sorrow is also love, and we want to overcome all hindrances and be in personal freedom, that existence is a big adventure, we choose gratitude and love. Then life rolls again like a brilliant wave, and the mirror reflects a totally different reality.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

🇩🇰 Also available in Danish 🇩🇰 

Thank you for reading

I share because I care about the freedom of children, the freedom of thought, the inner peace, and the life well lived. I was inspired by other people sharing their stories; it has changed my life in many ways. I am thankful you read my blog, and I will be even more grateful if you care to share, comment, or just respond.

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