Bus Conversion: Tomorrow, we finish the bus!


Tomorrow we finish!

We optimistically said this every evening of the week: “Tomorrow, we finish the bus!”. It is scientifically proven that optimists live longer. And we did actually finish the bus – the week after.

For weeks and weeks, we kept believing we were close to the finish line with the bus conversion.

Especially my extremely optimistic and mentally strong husband, who kept saying: “We leave in 3 days!”

And I kept thinking, “ … maybe.” With love. I respect him deeply, and I do understand this “Tomorrow, we finish!” as a way of handling this enormous project. We started laughing every afternoon when we packed up the workshop and said: “Tomorrow, we finish.”

Had we not believed this, we might have given up and certainly would not have been as joyful. And we did – eventually – finish. The week after, less than 24 hours before our plane took off to Malaga.

During the week, I was interviewed for a radio program on unschooling  - The interview is Danish; listen here.

Peace and love


Cecilie Conrad

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