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Martin’s family introduced us to Wilderness Wood, a beautiful project close to where they live, where home-educated children take classes in woodwork and pottery, enjoy the forest and each other, where people co-live and share life, where people live and learn and grow.

When we arrived on a Thursday, it was the perfect introduction day, as meals are shared on Thursdays. We drove there and spent the evening among like-minded people in beautiful high-vibe surroundings.

The teens had a lovely evening with other unschooled young people; the silence was big, and the subtle sound of the trees was the perfect background noise for our night. We stayed in the camping area for the first two nights.

Martin and the children came over, and we spent the day together, sharing stories and smiles, playing games, and walking the forest. The Big Swing was a super-hit, but the whole thing was just beautiful.

Huts between the trees, wood-art around most corners, The Barn (cafe, hang out) even had one vegan and gluten-free cake for us.

I am so grateful places like this exist.

We need to move on, as we have other friends we promised to come and see and want to come and see, but knowing we could engage here and unfold life for a while with these wonderful people, is just so very calming to know.

But we moved on, growing tired of road-tripping while loving the road trip. We went to Martin's place. This family is amazing! I love the presence and energy they sport, doing a major reconstruction of a house they bought while home-educating four children and, by the way, educating themselves, growing all the time. Wholehearted doing what they find to be true and beautiful and right.

So, we shared an afternoon, a few meals, used the facilities of washing machine and dryer and shower, played games, and had good conversations.

I have said it before.

Now, I will say it again: The adventure is the people.

It sure is.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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🇩🇰 Read in Danish 🇬🇧 

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