Playing Dungeons & Dragons | Day 218 of my 2023 Journal

D and D

Playing D&D with my friend from university, Iben, and her two sons was such a blast. All of us together in the sitting room, sharing the story.

It is vulnerable to play D&D. Over the days we shared with my friends; we did three sessions. One of her sons had created an adventure based on what we had experienced together, and we had all created a character for the adventure. Playing D&D puts you in a playful and creative mindset and will unleash a craziness normally not on display.

One of my friend's sons said the thing that made us laugh so we could not stop; Iben and I: He said:
“Okay. You are the psychologist; you are supposed to fix people. And you can not FOCUS, you can not UNDERSTAND RULES, and you can not WAIT for your turn, and you can not LISTEN to a simple set of information, not even when you are told to do so politely by people who love you and have the patience to wait for you.


It was hilarious! And true!

We were so unfocused, so silly, so distracted from the rules and the system, eager to attack, roll dice, and come up with crazy ideas, our energy jumping around the room like insects.

Not many adults take the time to play. This is too bad. A D&D adventure is a great experience to share with loved ones; any game, any play pretend, any unfolding of silliness and fantasy among friends is a beautiful energy to unleash.

Just saying.

When the adventure was over, it was time to say goodbye. We drove our friends to the train station and then to another train station because their train was canceled.

Back in the house, we rented it for an extra day just to have some peace before continuing our road trip around Great Britain.

This will be the second time we have spent 24 hours, just the five of us, since the beginning of March.

Love and light


Cecilie Conrad

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